Rural Shade Outpost is a 2,500 sq ft. quonset barn that has recently been renovated to have weddings, banquets, and gatherings of all types. Located on Rush Creek Ranch outside of Kerens, Texas, the barn is located in the center of the ranch overlooking a large open grass pasture with scattered oak trees. Behind the barn is a manicured forest with beautiful creeks and ponds. The scenic nature of the ranch is great for photo opportunities with the livestock always curious and ready to be a part of a photo!

In WWII the army had an airfield on the ranch across the county road where it was used for practicing touch and goes. Another historical note about the ranch was the NASA recovered debris from the shuttle Columbia that went over the ranch in 2003.

Rush Creek ranch is a commercial cow/calf ranch with primarily Brangus cattle and Hereford bulls. Rush Creek Ranch has been a working ranch in the area for many decades and is well known. In the fifties it produced Santa Gertrudis cattle that won awards at the State Fair of Texas.  The ranch also has a small herd of bison that are raised for breeding stock. Rush Creek Ranch focuses on sustainability and prides itself in the care of its livestock and the management of the land. Using livestock to harvest grass and produce a natural product all the while improving the environment and diversifying the plant community which has led to an increase in wildlife.

The barn was established during WWII and the interior has been improved with cedar siding made from trees that grew on Rush Creek Ranch. Improvements include; lighting, a kitchen for food preparation or catering, a large dressing room with its own “his” and “hers” restroom facilities. The dressing room is spacious with a bathroom featuring an antique tub, shower and ample mirrors. The walls and flooring in this room are made of oak harvested from Rush Creek Ranch. The exterior of the barn is unchanged from the 40s except for the addition of a porch and patio, again using cedar timber from the ranch. Across the drive is a beautiful place for a wedding (or other event) with a stone and brick floor for your guests and a spacious covered area for the bride, groom and wedding party.

We are continuously improving the venue grounds and making the interior even more beautiful for your special event.